Instant Egghead Guide: Physics

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November 2009



"Scientific American"'s daily Sixty-Second Science podcast was such an unexpected success, with millions of downloads, that a spin-off site was created around the concept of bite-sized science. This new series of books will tackle the biggest topics in science by breaking them up into quick and easy two- to four-page spreads. Topics in each book will take the light and accessible tone of the 60-Second Science podcasts and blog. INSTANT EGGHEAD PHYSICS will explore quantum physics, relativity, and light. It will break down complex ideas and explore why Einstein made some big blunders, how the ipod came to be, and what it would take to make teleportation possible.


"Will engage scientists and lay readers with a thorough, level-headed, reader-friendly treatment of controversial and complex material." - Publishers Weekly (Starred review)."
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