Chain Reaction: Expert Debate and Public Participation in American Commercial Nuclear Power 1945 1975

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September 2009



Brian Balogh traces a chain reaction by examining the case of commercial nuclear power. For those interested solely in their crucial policy area, the book provides a wealth of new information and insights. The author's extensive research is the first independently to probe into the highly classified internal memoranda of the Atomic Energy Commission.


Acknowledgments; 1. Professionalisation and politics in twentieth-century; America: from fission to fusion; 2. The promise of the proministrative state: nuclear experts and national politics, 1945-1947; 3. Forging an iron triangle: the politics of verisimilitude; 4. Triangulating demand: the AEC's first decade of commercialisation; 5. The centrifugal push of expertise: reactor safety, 1947-1960; 6. The magnetic pull of professional disciplines, issue networks and local government; 7. Nuclear experts on top, not on tap: mainstreaming expertise, 1957-1970; 8. Nuclear experts everywhere: the challenge to nuclear power, 1960-1975; 9. Conclusion: harnessing political chain reactions; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'This book is much more than a case study of nuclear power policy in the US ... (it) combines historical research over a 30-year period (1945-1975), with an expert understanding of the literature on bureaucracy, on the roles of scientists and the citizenry in the policy process, and on the policy economy of post-industrial policy-making. All students of policy formation thus will find Balogh's book thought provoking. How refreshing it is to find a policy scholar who knows history and can write well.' Political Studies
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