The Pits and the Pendulum

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September 2000



Spending a week doing nothing but exploring the possibilities of Lego, risking yet another job; impulsively sinking all his savings into impractical self-employment ventures; sleepless nights, gripped by the need to write - these are just some manifestations of the often damaging periods of manic, uninhibited energy of bipolar disorder.


Not A Survivor's Guide. Prologue.
1. Legoland and Holes in the Head - Mania.
2. The Pits - Depression.
3. Lost in Fife - The Beginning.
4. Flaming Buckets - Seventies Psychiatric Hospital I.
5. Pay and Free Uniform - Seventies Psychiatric Hospital II.
6. Talking to God - Suicide.
7. Christopher Columbus, David Livingstone and Me - Work.
8. One of Us - Famous Manic-Depressives.
9. Babes in my Moods - Paranoia.
10. Not Work, Not Working - Breakdown.
11. Sideways Through the Torphins HaLF-edj - Ambulance Journey.
12. Pantiled Peep Show - Modern Psychiatric Hospital Building.
13. Psychos! Acute Psychiatric Ward.
14. Tack Short of a Fitted Carpet - Synonyms.
15. The Last Time I Saw Linda - Electroconvulsive Therapy.
16. Sweet Violets - The Psychotherapist.
17. Sweating it out with the Professionals - Doctors and Nurses.
18. ...and Mopped up by the System - Hospital Appearances.
19. Concessionville - Getting Around.
20. Show Folks - Social Wipeout.
21. The Choir Lady - Making Things Worse.
22. Only a Salt - Prescription Drugs.
23. Another Way of Being - Something to Celebrate?


Brian Adams is fifty-five. He served an apprenticeship as a baker and confectioner, then trained in community education. Amongst his many jobs he has been a youth hostel warden, a residential childcare worker and a community development worker. Brian lives in Aberdeenshire.
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