School of the Pilgrim

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April 2007



Moving beyond traditional human developmental theories, pastor and Christian education theorist Brett Webb-Mitchell uses stories and analysis to walk with readers on a road toward rediscovering an ancient Christian custom that may ultimately lead to new roads in Christian education. This important work encapsulates a new understanding of faith development in the context of pilgrimage and examines how traditional human developmental theories have been used to categorize individuals instead of celebrating their unique characteristics, which reflect their creation in the image of God. Webb-Mitchell puts forth a challenge to the church to work toward a broader educational mission to be a community of Christ's pilgrim people, in which change and growth are discussed in the rhetoric and practice of pilgrimage.


Brett Webb-Mitchell is founder and Director of The School of the Pilgrim, an interfaith, intergenerational, multi-ability formation center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Webb-Mitchell is also an ordained Presbyterian pastor serving St. John's Presbyterian Church in Durham, North Carolina.
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