Queen Kelly: The Complete Screenplay by Erich Von Stroheim

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August 2002



This book contains the complete screenplay, including two radically different endings, of Erich von Stroheim's thwarted near-masterpiece. Less than half the script had been shot when the extravagant and controversial production was halted. In addition to the extensively annotated 230-page shooting script, this volume also includes 90 pages from an earlier draft, photos, and full production credits, thus providing a richly detailed picture of what would have been one of the last great spectacles of the silent era. A must read for silent film enthusiasts and anyone with an academic or personal interest in film history and classic movies.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Queen Kelly: The Screenplay Chapter 3 Part One: Europe Chapter 4 Part Two: Africa Chapter 5 Part Three: The Original Ending Chapter 6 Part Four: The Revised Ending Part 7 Notes Part 8 Appendixes Chapter 9 Production Credits Chapter 10 A Talking Sequence Chapter 11 The Swanson Ending Chapter 12 The Kino Restoration Chapter 13 Glossary of Terms


Bret Wood is a freelance writer, filmmaker and producer of special projects for Kino International Corp.


We finally get a chance to witness von Stroheim's intended juxtaposed and parallel themes that show how little separates the debauchery of both the low and privileged classes, similar to the parallel themes of the intended full-length version of Greed (1924). We come to understand that von Stroheim may have seemed to be wildly out-of-control but was, instead perhaps, only fanatical in his pursuit of his vision of cinema realistique... Ultimately, this book is a required acquisition for fans of von Stroheim, one that is on the same level of importance as Herman Weinberg's volumes on von Stroheim films. -- Carl Bennet/Editor Silent Era The lengthy introduction, which traces the film's tortured production, shows all the hallmarks of dedicated research, whilst the script's descriptive passages vividly conjure a sense of the intended opulence...bound to impress scholars of the late silent era. Film Review Magazine
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