Martial Art

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September 2003



This playful poet is alive and kicking. He is a satirist trying to define generosity, happiness and love, with scurrilous candor and piercing clarity in brief punchy poems. But no matter how savage his attacks, he is always playful and compassionate. He is a sharp, visionary writer who knows the world about him and is in touch with the world within himself, at once bewildered, attentive, and bitingly articulate. It's a perfect match--Kennelly and Martial. One of Ireland's most popular poets, Brendan Kennelly's previous books include Cromwell and Book of Judas. His recently published The Little Book of Judas was chosen by Booklist as one of the "Top 10 Poetry Books" of the last year.


"If Martial had been a boxer, he'd have developed a new kind of knockout punch, smiling at his victim as he walked back to his corner. His themes are many and varied. He writes of money, food, wine, furniture, style, power, sex, corruption, love, hatred.... That's Rome two thousand years ago. That's Dublin today.... Is one translating Martial? Or is Martial, smiling and mischievous as ever, translating the translator?"
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