Diamond Drought

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Introducing America's First Hip-hop Soap Opera! Rich was once your typical drug-dealing street hustler with dreams of the music industry and chrome rims that keep spinning even when the car stops. Now he has finally anteed up. Hes acquired a new whip, more technology for his producing endeavors, and a less visibly active grip on his lucrative drug empire. He has bigger sights and a more legitimate dream ahead of him. Rich has grown weary of all the drug doings and bullet dodging. He secretly wants out of the game and has situated a financial endeavor with his partner Afta that will possibly pull him out of the grind. Richs plan seemed so simplecontinue to produce the hottest beats and drop that album hes been working on with the Legacy clique so he can buy that huge, capacious home his woman Leaya has her sights on. She always gets what she wants. But someone doesnt want that to happen. Someone in Richs past wants him dead. An old nemesis thats just as cagey and smart as he is. Someone who knows Rich just as well as he knows himself] DIAMOND DROUGHT walks you through a Hip Hop Soap Drama circled around Richs filthy existence with an incredible supporting cast and host of characters] The hazel-eyed thug Major The Prada brat Anna The black Erika Kane Shantel And the enigmatic Pimp Willie Green With a cameo appearance by the Dark Man himself DMX] DIAMOND DROUGHT, Book One of the Diamond Series. Walk with them] Review "An urban Soprano crime drama" -- Nikki Turner - A Hustler's Wife, Project Chick

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