Middle Class

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10 Students - 6f, 4m / Flexible Cast / Simple Set MIDDLE CLASS is a continuation of the popular "class" play cycle written especially for young actors by Brad Slaight. Like the earlier CLASS ACTION and SECOND CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS explores the tribulations of young people while in school. Where the other two plays dealt with high school aged characters, Middle Class concerns a group of young people in a modern middle school (junior high). Incorporating an ensemble of players, taking on numerous roles, the play offers insight (often humorous, often poignant)into the issues facing young people during the complex transition from grade school to high school. Such themes as identity, personal relations, status, expectations, and competitiveness are central to the play. MIDDLE CLASS was commissioned by the Young Conservatory at the Tony Award winning American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) in San Francisco.

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