Broadcast News Producing

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August 2004



Broadcast News Producing goes behind the camera and exposes readers to the process of news production from the creation of story ideas to the presentation on air. From a broad theoretical perspective to a direct 'how to' of putting together a newscast, this book covers news producing for television, radio, and the Internet. In addition, the book discusses critical issues facing today's producers, including newsroom leadership, staff management, resource management, newsroom relationships and career planning. Broadcast News Producing is designed for anyone who wants to work in today's broadcast news industry and is an ideal text for any Mass Communication or Journalism course on broadcast news.


Chapter 1- What is a Producer?
Newsroom Structure
What Else Does a Producer Do?
The Producer's Role in the Newsroom
Thinking More About It
Chapter 2- Producing Today's News
The Evolution of News Producing
Network News
Implications for Local Producers
Thinking More About It
Chapter 3- The Producing Process
Story Ideas and Value
Skeleton Rundowns
Blocks and Stacking
Finishing Strong
In the Control Room
Thinking More About It
Chapter 4- Writing
Thinking More About It
Chapter 5- Producing for Television
Alternative News Formats
Alternative News Strategies
Breaking News
Thinking More About It
Chapter 6- Weather and Sports
Thinking More About It
Chapter 7- Producing for Radio and the Internet
The Internet
Thinking More About It
Chapter 8- Surviving the Newsroom
Theories X, Y and Z
Newsroom Relationships
Personal Relationships
Thinking More About It
Chapter 9- Issues in Producing
Quality vs. Ratings
Live Reporting
News Cutbacks
Market Size
Thinking More About It
Chapter 10- The Job Market
Finding a Producing Job
The Job Search Process
Thinking More About It


Dr. Brad Schultz is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at the University of Mississippi, where he teaches Broadcast News and Sports Broadcasting. Before entering academia, he spent 15 years in local television news at different stations around the country. His experience includes anchoring, reporting, producing, writing, editing, photography and management. Schultz has won awards from the Oklahoma Associated Press and the Cleveland Press Club for reporting and producing. His first book, Sports Broadcasting, came out in 2001.


"Brad Schultz has brought his solid professional experience to bear in putting together a highly readable how-to for students aspiring to take their place behind the camera. Broadcast News Producing is full of useful tips as well as providing important grounding in the fundamentals of producing a successful newscast."
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