Aware and Responsible: Papers of the Nordic-International Colloquium on Social and Cultural Awareness and Responsibility in Library, Informat

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This is a collection of papers from a colloquium held in Finland in 2000 to explore ideas about the social and cultural foundations of library and information science. The contributors were from the Nordic countries predominantly with contributions from the UK and US also.


1 Library and Information Science in Context: Th e Development of Scientific Fields and Their Relations to Professional Contexts 2 Every Discipline Needs a History: Information Management and the Early Information Society in Britain 3 Th eSocial Legitimacy of Library and Information Studies: Reconsidering the Institutional Paradigm 4 Social and Cultural Awariness and Responsibility in Library, Information, and Documentation Studies 5 Documentation in a Complementary Perspective 6 Information History, Library History, or History By and Large? Remarks on Recent Discussion on Library and Information History 7 Francis Bacon's Natural History and Problems of the Communication of Scientific Knowledge 8 Hermeneutics of Metadocumentation and Librarianship 9 Reflections on Social and Cultural Awareness and Responsibility in Library, Information and Documentation - Commentary on the SCARLID Colloquium


W Boyd Rayward is a research professor at the University of Illinois Graduate Library School. He has published widely on the history of aspects of the international organization and dissemination of information.
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