Letters of St.Boniface

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St. Boniface, the early eighth-century English cleric who became known as "Apostle to the Germans," was an important agent in the conversion of the North German tribes from paganism to Christianity. His efforts were devoted as well to organizing and concentrating all of Germanic Christendom under the leadership of Rome. He numbered among his correspondents the popes as well as colleagues in England, France, and Rome. His letters provide unique insights into the religious, ecclesiastical, political, and social history of early medieval Europe.


A rich source of information and opinion on a great variety of matters in the Frankish kingdoms under Charles Martel and Pippin (grandfather and father of Charlemagne) that offers a rare opportunity to get the personal view of someone living in the early medieval period.
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Untertitel: With a New Introduction and Bibliography by Thomas F. X. Noble. 'Records of Western Civilization Series'. Sprache: Englisch.
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