The Price of Water in Finistere

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Februar 2006



At the age of 55, Swedish writer Bodil Malmsten abandons her native country and settles in Brittany. Embroidered in this memoir are poignant, outraged, thought-provoking observations on a sweeping range of subjects--the elicit pleasures of bargain-hunting, the misery of writer's block, social democracy, racism, tulipomania, the controlling of moles and slugs, death, and the delights of wild weather. Malmsten's passion and humor shine through every episode, offering the reader a window into a solitary life at once touching and hilarious.


Born in Jamtland in northern Sweden, Bodil Malmsten lived in Stockholm for 40 years before moving to Brittany in 2000. Having started out as a children's author, she turned to TV and radio, then to writing, translating and directing plays for TV and the stage, including work by Joe Orton. Her first book of poems, published in 1977, was followed by six further collections and two volumes of short stories. Malmsten is active as a journalist and public speaker, and is also the author of three prize-winning novels.


'Lively, enhanting and deeply serious...Abounds in wonderful descriptions of her intimate relationships with plat-life, and in seascapes...Extremely funny' - Guardian. 'Hilarious, heartwarming and movingly honest. This is a book about self-exile and creation that only a poet could write' - Adam Thorpe. 'I loved the comments about English gardening as preposterous, and her ability to conjure so much out of so little without ever leaving her garden...truly wonderful' - Gerard Woodward. 'Lyrical and pithy, full of wry humour, yet weightier than most fat tomes, The Price of Water in Finistere is a book about the past and the state of the world we have created...I adored it' - Lisa Appignanesi.
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