Human Security and the New Diplomacy

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Februar 2001



With civilians around the world increasingly at risk from virulent internal conflicts within states, traditional foreign policy instruments have often failed to prevent violence, to protect civilians when conflict breaks out, or to encourage the rebuilding of war-torn societies. The human security agenda of initiatives tackles all of these issues head-on, describing the way in which foreign policy instruments can be adapted - and new instruments created - to deal with the challenges facing the international system at the turn of the century.


"A unique and complete collection of various aspects of human security. Human Security and the New Diplomacy makes a clear and compelling case that many issues that the world is confronted with today take on a different perspective and call for different policy instruments when viewed from the overarching objective of protecting human security. It makes a fresh contribution to the subject and will be a valuable addition to the educated general public interested in some of the key problems of human security in the world today. Mihailo Crnobrnja, author of The Yugoslav Drama "A worthy collection. It captures an important recent turn in Canadian foreign policy and is an excellent overview of the emergence and evolution of the human security doctrine. Charles Pentland, Political Studies, Queens University
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