Larryboy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks

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August 2002



"Ear wacks have attacked Bumblyburg! LarryBoy's fiendish nemesis, Alvin the Onion, is behind it and has unleashed the awful ear wacks to interfere with being a good listener. When LarryBoy falls into Alvin's awful trap and he can no longer listen, it's up to Junior Asparagus and LarryBoy's faithful butler and mentor, Archie, to foil the evil plot. What will come of Bumblyburg now that their superhero is under Alvin's awful spell? Will Junior and Archie be able to convince LarryBoy to listen to them in time to save Bumblyburg? Will LarryBoy's super-suction ears be saturated with evil for all time? Alvin's out to rule the city and LarryBoy forever!"


Bob Katula is a writer specializing in publicity & marketing. He wrote the biography of popular singer, Terry Redlin. His inspiration is his wife and 2 daughters. Bob Katula es un escritor por cuenta propia especializado en publicidad y mercadotecnia y escribio la biografia del artista americano popular Terry Redlin. El recibe la inspiracion de su esposa y sus dos hijas. Cindy Kenney has worked as senior managing editor for Big Idea Inc. (Veggie Tales) for more than five years. She has published more than twenty-five children's books, five curriculum programs, multiple stories and articles, and served as a creative consultant to many. She currently lives in Illinois with her husband, Jim, and two sons, Andy and Jimmy.
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