The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Tee Ball

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Each spring, Tee-ball introduces millions of boys and girls to "America's pastime" --and introduces their parents to the joys (and nightmares) of coaching first-time players. Filled with expert advice and tips on creating order from chaos, "Coaching Tee-Ball "is the solution to every baffled parent's predicament, offering the new coach a total approach to keeping kids involved, motivated, and having fun.


Preface: Play Ball!Introduction: So You Said You'd Be the Coach, Huh?Part One. Coaching 101: The Coach's Start-Up Kit1. Creating an Atmosphere of Good HabitsEstablish Your Identity as CoachExpectationsMethod2. Before Hitting the Field: Tee Ball in a NutshellRecommended Rules and PositioningObject of the Game and General RulesThe Ball Is in PlayGame VariationsResponsibilities of a Coach during the GameBasic Safety MeasuresQuestions and Answers3. Setting Up the SeasonLeague Policies and ProceduresPractice and Game SchedulesMeet with ParentsFinding AssistantsNumber of Players on the TeamEquipmentQuestions and Answers4. Essential Skills--and How to Teach ThemBattingFieldingThrowingRunning5. The PracticePreparationPrepracticePractice FormatPractice Session WorksheetQuestions and Answers6. Sample PracticesBasic Beginning PracticeAdvanced PracticePracticing Field PositionsGame SimulationChecklist7. Game TimeThe Mental AspectBefore the GameCoaching the GameAfter the GameQuestions and Answers8. Dealing with Parents, Gender Issues, and Safety and HealthThe Role of the ParentsCommunicationWinningGender IssuesSafety and HealthQuestions and AnswersPart Two. Drills: The Foundation for Development, Success, Happiness, and a Coach's Peace of Mind9. Warm-Up Drills: Throwing, Fielding, and BaserunningThrowing DrillsCatching DrillsThrowing and Catching DrillsFielding DrillsCatchers' DrillsBaserunning Drills10. Defensive Drills: Infield Play, Outfield Play, and Team DefenseInfield DrillsOutfield DrillsTeam DefenseQuestions and Answers11. Batting Drills12. At-Home DrillsQuestions and AnswersAppendixActivity SurveyT.BALL USA AssociationCoaching ChecklistResourcesIndexAcknowledgmentsAbout the Author


H.W. "Bing" Broido is co-founder and president of T. Ball USA Association and author of the Spalding Book of Rules and The Official T. Ball USA Family Guide to Tee Ball.HOMETOWN: Stratford, Connecticut
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