The Health-Promoting Cookbook: Simple, Guilt-Free, Vegetarian Recipes

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If you feel you need to make a transition to health-promoting diet and you want to eat a variety of tasty, easy-to-prepare, good-for-you meals, this book is for you.It deals with the "what to do" aspect of diet, providing a week of integrated menus to help you make the most out of your pantry supplies, deal with leftovers, and please your palate, as well. All the recipes are uncomplicated and fat-free--you'll find a complete nutritional analysis for each one, as well as guidelines for how long it will take you to prepare.Dr. Alan Goldhamer is a licensed chiropractor and osteopath and the founder of the Center for Conservative Therapy in Penngrove, California. The Center's goal is to help individuals regain health, while avoiding or eliminating the need for drugs and surgery.Dr. Goldhamer is also the director of the Center's residential healthcare program, designed to help people make diet and lifestyle changes that will improve their health.

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