Ethical Dilemmas in Education: Standing Up for Honesty and Integrity

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Addresses the dilemmas teachers face every day throughout the various aspects of education. This book outlines standards of professionalism and presents information helpful for the challenges teachers face. It guides the teachers towards developing ethical habits and a professional demeanor.


Chapter 1 Educational Integrity Chapter 2 Standards of Professionalism Chapter 3 Everyday Challenges To Educational Values Chapter 4 Dealing with Conflicts of Interest Chapter 5 Borderline Actions Chapter 6 Difficulties in "Doing the Right Thing" Chapter 7 Experiencing Accusations of Misconduct Chapter 8 Decision Making for Individual Students Chapter 9 Administering and Interpreting Test Results Chapter 10 Integrity in Staff Interactions Chapter 11 Working with Parents Chapter 12 Behavior Management Chapter 13 Maintaining Integrity in Life Chapter 14 A Call to Action Chapter 15 Conclusion


Beverley Johns has over 35 years experience within the public schools working with students with significant behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. She is the author or co-author of nine published books, is active in a number of state and national organizations, and was the 2000 recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award of the International Council for Exceptional Children. Mary Z. McGrath taught for thirty-one years with the Bloomington, Minnesota Public Schools primarily in the area of special education. She currently writes and offers varied workshops to educators, parents and the general public. Sarup R. Mathur is Clinical Professor, Cluster Chair of the Special Education Program at Arizona State University. She has accumulated extensive experience in developing educational programs for students with special needs. She is interested in the topics of professional development for teachers and high quality pre-service education.


Ethical issues are extremely important to teaching today in both special and general education. National education policies like NCLB tend to create many more ethical dilemmas for teachers. This is especially true for teachers who try to serve the needs of children and represent realities to their administrators, parents, and colleagues while living with increasingly irrational, unrealistic demands for their performance and the performance of their students. -- James M. Kauffman, Ed.D., professor emeritus of education, University of Virginia [This book] address[es] the ethical issues that have become a reality and constant concern in the life of the modern teacher. -- Tina M. Rosenthal, theology teacher, Academy of Holy Angels (MN) Each page I open to grabs me - the practical, case study-oriented approach stimulates memories of personal experiences. I would love to sit in with a group of teachers who were discussing it. -- Frank Wood, Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota This book is indispensable because it is a guide for others to use... in developing and maintaining professional practices. Each of the chapters is a building block for an individual to become an ethical educator who can make a positive difference in a person's life. -- Ina Summer Schaffer, special education coordinator, Waukegan High School (IL)
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