Tales of the Wild Horse Desert

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November 2001



Highly skilled, hard-working, and loyal to each other and to the ranches that employ them, the Mexican and Mexican American vaqueros who work on the famous King and Kenedy Ranches of South Texas' Wild Horse Desert are some of America's best cowboys. Many of them come from families who have lived and worked on the ranches for over a hundred years. They preserve the memories of ranch life handed down by their grandparents and great-grandparents, even as they use modern technologies to keep the ranches running smoothly in the twenty-first century. This book tells the stories of the vaqueros of the Wild Horse Desert for fourth- through eighth-grade students. It begins with a brief history of the vaqueros and the King and Kenedy Ranches. Then, using in the words of today's vaqueros and their families, it describes many aspects of past and present life on the ranches. Young readers will learn what it's like to grow up on the ranches and how vaqueros learn their work. They'll also discover how much goes into being a vaquero, from using all the different ropes and equipment, to working a round-up, to showing prize-winning cattle and horses. Teachers and parents will appreciate all the supplemental material in the appendix, including a glossary, lists of related books and websites, hands-on learning activities, and even range and camp house recipes.


The True Cowboys; Growing Up on the Wild Horse Desert; The Family Was First; How It All Happened; Round 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out; They Worked with the Best; Now Life Is Different; Appendix 1. People Interviewed by the Authors or Mentioned in the Book; Appendix 2. More about the Wild Horse Desert; Suggested Activities; Range and Camp House Recipes


"Tales of the Wild Horse Desert is a delight to read, as it sheds new light on the bravery, dedication, talents, and lifestyles of the vaqueros of the King and Kenedy Ranches. The vaqueros and their families played a critical role in the development of ranching in Texas, and I am very pleased that others can now enjoy and learn from their stories and adventures as I did while growing up in Kingsville." - Carlos F. Truan, Dean of the Texas Senate
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