Ready-To-Use Conflict-Resolution Activities for Elementary Students

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For K-6 teachers and counselors, here are over 100 step-by-step lessons and illustrated activities that give students the tools and empathy they need to solve conflicts peacefully and feel like winners.
The wide variety of lessons and activities that will appeal to all students are organized into four sections:
* Conflict-Resolution Activities for Educators helping the teacher model appropriate behaviors through 12 self- empowerment activities.
* Building the Groundwork for Conflict Resolution 29 activities to help students build their own positive identity and deal with inner-directed anger.
* Conflict-Resolution Activities for Your Classroom 69 activities develop children's conflict-solving skills and reduce their anger toward others.
* Conflict-Resolution Acitivites for Your School 19 activities, including those that alert students to bullies and what can be done to prevent bullying.


About This Resource; Acknowledgments; Wanted!!!! Stories with Heart; Section 1: Conflict-Resolution Activities for Educators; Section 2: Building the Groundwork for Conflict Resolution; A Positive Identity; Belonging and Cooperation; Complimenting Special People in Our Lives; Appreciating Differences Among People; Recognizing Our Values; Setting Goals; Section 3: Conflict-Resolution Activities for Your Classroom; Our Feelings; Anger; Problem Solving; Looking at a Problem from Another's Point of View; Empathy; Communicating the Best We Can; Types of Conflicts; Solving Conflicts So Both Feel Like Winners; Section 4: Conflict-Resolution Activities for Your School; Bully Busters!; Conflict-Resolution Celebration; Involving Everyone in the Child's Life; Class Meetings Help Resolve Conflicts; Reading Selections.


Beth Teolis taught grades K--6 for 12 years, is a member of the National Speaker's Association, and is President of Life Skills Associates. She resides in Toronto, Canada.
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