Singer's Repertoire, Part IV: Baritone and Bass

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November 2005



Now in paperback! A timeless classic. Includes 8,200 songs in 818 lists for nine voice classifications; indexed by composer, title, vocal range, and publisher. The complete work represents the living song repertoire of today drawn from recital programs, recordings, broadcasts, telecasts, and other sources, and is comprised of Part I: Coloratura, Lyric and Dramatic Soprano, Part II: Mezzo Soprano and Contralto, Part III: Lyric and Dramatic Tenor, and Part IV: Baritone and Bass.


The late Berton Coffin's teachings and writings established him as an international authority on vocal pedagogy. Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado, Boulder, he also lived and taught in Europe from 1976 to 1983-in his private studio in Vienna; during summers with the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria; and in twenty-one opera houses in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. He presented master classes in the United States and in Europe and served as a visiting professor of voice at U.S. universities. Dr. Coffin, baritone, held academic and professional music degrees from Columbia University, Eastman School of Music, Chicago Musical College, and Earlham College.


In this volume of repertoire for baritones and basses (a reprint from 1960), Coffin compiles American, British, French, German, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, Spanish, and miscellaneous songs and arias for performance, listed alphabetically by composer. Types are categorized according to opening and closing recitals, atmospheric, dramatic, humorous, folk, and spiritual pieces, and singing technique, and entries contain range, key, accompanying instruments, and publication information. Popular songs are not included, replaced instead with those having "popular appeal." Arias from large works, song cycles, solo cantatas, concert arias, and songs for special occasions are listed. The new edition is expanded and has music with limited range, duets, trios, and chamber operas. Reference and Research Book News
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