Mother's Milk: Breastfeeding Controversies in American Culture

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Mother's Milk examines why nursing a baby is an ideologically charged experience in contemporary culture. Drawing upon medical studies, feminist scholarship, anthropological literature, and an intimate knowledge of breastfeeding itself, Bernice Hausman demonstrates what is at stake in mothers' infant feeding choices--economically, socially, and in terms of women's rights. Breastfeeding controversies, she argues, reveal social tensions around the meaning of women's bodies, the authority of science, and the value of maternity in American culture. A provocative and multi-faceted work, Mother's Milk will be of interest to anyone concerned with the politics of women's embodiment.


Chapter 1 Dead Babies Chapter 2 Rational Management Chapter 3 Breast is Best Chapter 4 Stone Age Mothering Chapter 5 Womanly Arts Chapter 6 Breastfeeding, Feminism, and Activism Epilogue Lactation and Sexual Difference


Bernice L. Hausman is Professor of English at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where she also teaches for the Women's Studies Program. She is the author of Changing Sex: Transsexualism, Technology, and the Idea of Gender and writes about medicine, gender theory, and the body. She lives in Blacksburg, VA.


'Hausman's book is in the best tradition of cultural studies' - Lillian Robinson, Head of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University, Montreal
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