Understanding the Old Testament

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Presents a study of the Old Testament by interweaving historical, archeological, literary, and religious perspectives. The book traces the story of the people of Israel from the Exodus in the time of Moses through the dawn of the Common Era. It considers the importance of literary criticism and other methods for understanding the literature of ancient Israel; treats the latest archaeological discoveries that illuminate the Old Testament period.


Introduction: The Old Testament as the Story of a People. I. THE CREATION OF A PEOPLE. 1. The Beginnings of Israel. 2. Liberation from Bondage. 3. Covenant in the Wilderness. 4. The Promised Land. 5. The Formation of an All-Israelite Epic. 6. The Struggle Between Faith and Culture. II. ISRAEL BECOMES LIKE THE NATIONS. 7. The Throne of David. 8. Prophetic Troublers of Israel. 9. Fallen is the Virgin Israel. 10. Judah's Covenant with Death. 11. The Rediscovery of Mosaic Torah. 12. The Doom of the Nation. III. THE COVENANT COMMUNITY IS RENEWED. 13. By the Waters of Babylon. 14. The Dawn of a New Age. 15. A Kingdom of Priests. 16. The Praises of Israel. 17. The Beginning of Wisdom. 18. The Unfinished Story. Comprehensive Chronological Chart. Selected Bibliography. Author Index. Subject Index.
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