There's No Business That's Not Show Business: Marketing in an Experience Culture

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Juli 2003



This book shows how to apply the thinking and the techniques of show business to your company's overall branding and marketing strategy, turning your company into a kind of performance art that will win greater share of mind and wallet.


Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction: All Business Is Show Business. I. TYPES OF SHOWS. 1. Live Shows. 2. Immersionary Show Spaces. 3. Shows For Invented (and Reinvented) Media. 4. Buzz, Evangelistas, and Customer Shows. 5. Integrating Different Types of Shows. II. HOW TO MAKE SHOW BUSINESS A BUSINESS SUCCESS. 1. Eight Steps to Keeping Your Show On- Brand. 2. Creating Relationships through Show Business. 3. Extending the Impact of Your Show. 4. Measurement, Budgets, and ROI. III. THE SHOW BUSINESS ORGANIZATION. 1. Internal Shows for Employees and Partners. 2. How to Run Your Own Show: The Three P's and the IBM Opera. 3. Persona, Myth, and Ethos in Leadership. 4. The Show Business Leadership Hall of Fame. IV. SHOW BUSINESS IN AN EXPERIENCE CULTURE. 1. Las Vegas. 2. The Cooking Business. 3. The Art Business. Notes. Index.


Bernd H. Schmitt is a world authority on customer experience, brands, and innovation. He is Professor at Columbia Business School, Executive Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership, and CEO of The EX Group, a customer experience consulting firm. He has lectured and consulted in 20 countries, appearing on CNN, CNNfn, BBC, Bloomberg, and CNBC. He wrote the global bestsellerExperiential Marketing and Customer Experience Management. David L. Rogers heads the show business practice for The EX Group, where he works with clients to develop experiences that engage customers, differentiate products and brands, and create long-term value. Rogers came to show business via 20 years of performing, composing, and producing for the stage. Karen Vrotsos is a freelance communications specialist. She provides consulting and research for books, online courses, and show business events. She has taught business writing and public speaking for professionals.
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