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Lara is a powerful semi-autobiographical novel-in-verse based on Bernardine Evaristo's own childhood and family history. The eponymous Lara is a mixed-race girl raised in a white suburb of London, during the 60s and 70s. Her father is Nigerian, and her mother is white British. Lara is the fourth of eight children and we follow her journey to adulthood from London to Nigeria to Brazil as she seeks to understand herself and her ancestry. This is a new edition of Lara, rewritten and expanded by a third since its first publication in 1997.


Bernardine Evaristo was born and raised in London, where she still lives. She has published four cross-genre novels: Lara (new edition, Bloodaxe Books, 2009); Blonde Roots (Penguin, 2008), a prose novel in which Africans enslave Europeans; a novel-with-verse, Soul Tourists (Penguin 2005), which featured ghosts of colours including Pushkin, Shakespeare's Dark Lady of the Sonnets and Alessandro dei Medici; and The Emperor's Babe (Penguin, 2001), a verse novel about a black girl growing up in Roman London nearly 2000 years ago. She co-edited the Granta new writing anthology NW15 in 2007 with novelist Maggie Gee; has written short fiction and drama for BBC radio and literary criticism for the Guardian, Times and Independent; and is an Associate Editor of the international literature magazine Wasafiri. She has taken part in over 60 international tours as a writer. See


'Lara is a wonderful piece - extraordinarily beautiful - rich and evocative - fascinating in its span of time and continents. Like all the best writing, by the end I felt not only a little older, but a lot wiser' - ANDREA LEVY. 'A short, lyrical, vividly real novel-in-verse, dipping 150 years into the past to explore the family history of a British woman with a Nigerian father and English mother. It's funny, touching, informative, passionate and very easy to read. If you're tired of novels that all seem the same, this one's a complete original' - Daily Telegraph (Books of the Year). 'Adventurous, compelling and utterly original' - The Times on Bernardine Evaristo.
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