Day Walks in the Yorkshire Dales

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Juli 2010



Suitable for hill walkers, this title offers 20 circular routes in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, between 6 and 11 miles (10km and 17km) in length.


Bernard Newman is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer. A graduate geologist, he turned his hand to outdoor publishing, editing the internationally acclaimed Mountain magazine from 1984-1992 and Climber magazine for nearly ten years from 1998. Although a dedicated rock climber for decades, he retains a deep appreciation of all wild places, relishing the comparative minimalism and freedom of hill walking.


"One of the best walking guides we've used." on Day Walks in the Peak District "An invaluable addition to any walker's library." Lakeland Walker Magazine on Day Walks in the Lake District"
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Untertitel: 20 Circular Routes in the Central Pennines. full colour illustrations throughout. Sprache: Englisch.
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