Chemical Risk Analysis: A Practical Handbook

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This handbook includes the principal methodological tools and data required to comprehend, evaluate and execute analysis of chemical risk in practical working situations. The dangerous property tables providing data on more than 1900 products, organic and inorganic, will be extremely useful to all readers working in the chemical and process industries and for those with occupational safety and health responsibilities. These tables are supplemented through the text by numerous figures and other tables, helping make this publication both comprehensive and accessible.
.Now in an updated paperback edition
.Numerous tables containing information on more than 1900 chemicals, organic and inorganic
.Updating supplement by leading industry specialist on latest EC regulations regarding hazardous chemicals


1. Physical properties relevant to safety. 2. Flammability (limits of flammability, flashpoints, autoignition temperatures), risk quantification. 3. Qualitative and quantitative approaches to instability (Chetah). 4. Toxicity limiting values, lethal doses, classification codes, qualitative and quantitative evaluation of toxic risk. 5. Labelling. 6. Dangerous chemical reactions, evaluation methodologies, lists of reactions, accidents. 7. Rules for prevention of risks related to dangerous chemical reactions.


Professor at the University of Paris-Nord, where he specialises in risk chemistry. He also is regularly employed as a risk expert for major industrial chemical groups. The English language edition consultant, Keith Cassidy, Franklin Medallist of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, lectures widely and is author of more than 100 papers on risk regulation, assessment and management and control of major chemical hazards. He is past Chairman of the UK Hazard and Risk Methodologies Group and until recently was Head of UK's Health and Safety Major Hazards Unit.


"An important addition to the literature on risk analysis, not only an information-packed, working handbook, but also a provocative inspiring theoretical treatise and record of numerous case studies by the author and others. It must be read by, and available to, all safety specialists in the process industries and those involved in the teaching, development and use of chemical hazard and risk analysis procedures." -Occupational Safety and Health
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