The Understructure of Writing for Film and Television

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Januar 1988



An introduction to screenwriting offering advice for the beginning writer, whether college student or freelancer. It provides a progression of assignments at manageable screenwriting lengths for beginners. It leads students through development of a premise, treatment, stepsheet, and, finally, mini-screenplay - elements in writing a longer script.


Preface; Acknowledgments Part One. Getting on Your Feet 1. Your Dramatic Heritage; 2. What Is a Dramatic Conflict?; 3. What Is a Scene?; 4. Camera Language and FormatPart Two. Developing Character and Conflict 1. Introduction; 2. Establishing Character and Conflict; 3. Developing Character and Conflict to Crisis; 4. Achieving Crisis and Climax; 5. Handling Dialogue, Theme, Values, and Moral Urgency; 6. Writing the Miniscreenplay; 7. A Last WordAppendix: The Market; Glossary of Film Terms; Index


"[This] book is written out of first hand experience; the words of an old pro. It sticks to practical reality without smothering the quest for creativity with arbitrary rules; the authors respect the artist as well as the craftsman. I recommend it without reservation." Frank Pierson "If any aspiring screenwriters read this book--and they all should-- I look forward to seeing a good number of well-written films." Larry Gelbart "I wish this book had been printed when I started as a writer. It would have been a tremendous help." Aaron Spelling
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