Pattern-Free Home Accents: 15 Easy-Sew Projects That Build Skills, Too [With Patterns]

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Mai 2007



Successful sewing, first time out! Fifteen fast, first projects to sew by machine
"Pattern-Free Home Accents" encourages brand-new and beginning machine-sewers to express their creativity by making an assortment of quick and easy accents and accessories for the home. The early chapters teach just the basics they need, and the instructions for each project helps readers apply and master each skill, so new sewers build confidence as they go. The 15 projects include table linens, throw pillows, a Crazy Quilt lampshade, seat cushions and more.


Becky Hanson is the education manager for Singer Sewing Company. She designs instructional projects for the company and teaches machine-sewing techniques across America. She is also the on-camera talent for the company's various spots on TV home-shopping programmes and is the host of a new series of Singer machine instructional DVDs. She lives in Tennessee, USA.

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