Midnight Sandwiches at the Mariposa Express

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Januar 1997



Meet Trish Izquierdo, devourer of travelogues and quirky councilwoman in the not-too-lively and perhaps not-too-colorful town of West Echevarria. Hers is the rich and inviting voice that weaves together the vivid quilt that is this charmingly off-beat novel. As one of the organizers of the town's annual celebration and parade, Trish knows she has what it takes to put drab little West Echevarria on the map -- to fill it with interesting people, to give the town culture and history. Even if it means she invents, steals and recreates the town's history! The town of West Echevarria explodes with life as Trish sets out on a rollicking adventure that will leave the reader laughing and yearning for more!

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