How Israel Was Won: A Concise History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Juni 1999



This is the only book you'll ever need in order to comprehend the complexities of the Middle East.


Baylis Thomas holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is currently in private practice in New York City.


A well-documented, well-written, and persuasive account that mobilizes knowledge not readily available to the non-expert... It is sprinkled with claims and explanations that are new and fascinating... How Israel Was Won has an excellent chance of being widely read and prominently reviewed. -- Ian Lustick, Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania This book demythologizes Arab-Israeli history while grounding its interpretations in fact. It is a timely work. -- Lawrence Davidson, West Chester University A remarkable, stimulating, and balanced analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict from its origin in the 19th century to the contemporary Israeli-Palestinian negotiations... This book deserves a wide readership. CHOICE Baylis Thomas' concise history synthesizes for the general reader the vast number of historical studies and recently declassified documents from the United States and Israel to create an interpretation of this conflict. Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal Of Jewish Studies, Summer 2000, Vol.18, No.14 For the interested reader wanting a single sourcebook on the rise and expansion of Israel... this one delives the goods with well-organized and clearly presented material backed up by all the documentation one could ask for. Middle East Policy
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