Lawrence of Arabia

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T.E. Shaw, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, was one of the most romantic, heroic, and enigmatic figures of his day. Hart's long out-of-print biography unravels the many puzzling features of Lawrence's story and restores him to his proper place in 20th-century history. 17 photos, 10 maps.


Personal Prologue * The Crusader Historical Prologue * The Sick Man * The Life-Line * The Undercurrent The Arab Revolt * Introduction * The Toscin Rings * Men or a Man * The Wedge * Spreading Ripples * Martial Reveries * Spreading the Infection * Strategy Fulfilled * A New Horizon * Securing the Base * Leverage on Palestine * A Regular Campaign * More and More Regular * The Final StrokePreparation * The Final StrokeExecution * The Road to Damascus After * Troubles of a Man with a Conscience * The Seven Pillars of Wisdom * Fulfillment * Postscript * The Man of Reflection * The Man of Action * The Message


Captain Basil Henry Liddell Hart (1895--1970) was one of the foremost military theorists of our time. His many books include Scipio Africanus, Lawrence of Arabia, The Rommel Papers, and Sherman (all available from Da Capo Press/ Perseus Books Group).
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