Internet Marketing for Information Technology Companies: Proven Online Techniques That Increase Sales and Profits for Hardware, Software and

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September 2001



Addressing the specific Internet marketing needs of IT companies and written for IT marketing pros, this how-to guide shows how to make the best of a Web site, get the most out of online advertising and e-mail marketing, build a Web community, and participate in affiliate marketing programs. Numerous case studies from IT companies are used to illustrate the concepts.


How IT marketers can put the internet to work Direct marketing Making the most of your web site Newsgroups The ins & outs of e-mail Internet advertising Internet events Internet fulfilment Internet customer servive Internet communities & exchanges Internet partnering Selling on the internet Offline marketing


Barry Silverstein is the CEO of Directech/eMerge, a business-to-business direct and e-marketing agency, and the author of "Business-to-Business Internet Marketing" and "Direct Marketing Lessons You Shouldn't Have Learned the Hard Way." He lives in Acton, Massachusetts.
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