Keeffe Plays: 1: One Gimme Shelter (Gem, Gotcha, Getaway), Barbarians (Killing Time, Abide with Me, in the City)

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Dezember 2006



Contains trios of interlinked plays under the titles )Gimme Shelter( and )Barbarians(. From the author of the classic screenplay )The Long Good Friday(.


Barrie Keeffe was born in East London in 1945. While at school he was an actor with the National You th Theatre. He gave up journalism in 1975 to concentrate on writing for theatre, TV, radio and film. His plays have been performed in 20 countries. He was resident writer for the RSC in 1978, won the Paris Critics Prix Revelation (1977), the Glen Cooper Best Radio Plays Award (1978) and the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Alan Poe Award for his screenplay THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY in 1982.
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