Spirit Games: 300 More Fun Activities That Bring Children Comfort and Joy

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April 2002



300 quick, Simple Ways to Make Every Day a Happier Day! Spirit games make children feel brighter and more confident. By tapping into childrens natural delight, spirit games restore the sparkle to their eyes. By sharing the upbeat activities in Spirit Games, you can encourage your childs self-esteem and provide a lasting foundation for happiness. Developed by Barbara Sher over the course of thirty years as a parent, teacher, and play-therapy specialist, this collection of 300 wise and nurturing ideas fosters parent-child interaction and requires no special preparation or equipment. Play these games with your family-or any children you cherish-to increase the level of joy in their lives. SPECIAL SECTIONS HIGHLIGHT: Creating joy every day Getting past anger and self-doubt Learning compassion and sharing wonder Healing sadness and overcoming fear Nurturing your own spirit, too!


Introduction. PART I: Spirit Games for You. Chapter 1: Nurturing Your Spirit. PART II: Spirit Games for Children. Chapter 2: More Joy, Please! Chapter 3: When I Doubt Myself. Chapter 4: When I m Sad. Chapter 5: When I m Angry. Chapter 6: When I m Afraid. Chapter 7: Learning Compassion. Chapter 8: Making Magic. Closing Thoughts. Index.


BARBARA SHER, an occupational therapist with an extensive background in child development, conducts workshops for parents, teachers, and children around the world. A mother herself, she is the author of Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things, Popular Games for Positive Play, Smart Moves: Inclusive Games for Academic Gains, and Self-esteem Games: 300 Fun Activities That Make Children Feel Good about Themselves (Wiley).
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