From College to Career: A Guide for Criminal Justice Majors

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September 2003



From College to Career enables students to explore career choices and make informed career decisions while at the same time giving instructors a way to integrate course material into the career decision making process.
The book guides readers through critical thinking and reflection on career choices. The activities in each chapter provide opportunities for students to personalize their learning experience and give instructors topics for classroom discussions. This book underscores the importance of basic reading, writing, math, and research skills, and thus gives instructors an opportunity to tie general education requirements to the current course.
Much of the content information focuses on what students need to know to help them make decisions about their major and career, including a comparison of the three main career tracks-policing, courts, and corrections-and the role of politics in criminal justice professions, ethical choices, and the need for networking.


Preface. 1. The Heart of a Criminal Justice Professional. Interests and Goals. Desires and Values. Strengths and Weaknesses. Putting it All Together. Personal Experience. Activity 1.1a Why Did I Choose to Major in Criminal Justice? Activity 1.1b What Do I Want to Do With My Degree? Activity 1.2 Desires and Values. Activity 1.3 An Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses. Activity 1.4 Putting It All Together. 2. What to Expect-Looking at Career Tracks. Continuing Education. Law Enforcement. Courts. Corrections. Other Factors to Consider. Personal Experience. Activity 2.1 Exploring Resources. 3. Choosing a Career. Goals and Specific Criminal Justice Positions-Looking for Fit. Finding the Fit. Activity 3 Making Decisions about Careers. Activity 3.1 Career Decision Tree. Activity 3.2 Career Decisions Essay. Activity 3.3 Career Decisions-Job Announcements. Activity 3.4 Job Announcement Essay. Activity 3.5 Interview Questions. Activity 3.6 Interview Activity. Activity 3.7 Job Announcements and Interview Essay. Activity 3.8 Task and Time Frame. Activity 3.9 Goals Essay. Activity 3.10 Wrap-Up Essay. 4. Making Yourself Marketable. The Job Market. While You Are a Student. The Job Search. Activity 4.1 Exploring Membership Options in Professional Organizations. Activity 4.2 Conference Paper Abstract. Activity 4.3 Campus Student Associations, Clubs, or Groups. Activity 4.4 Academic Campus Events. 5. Back to the Basics: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Research. While a Student. In the Profession. Personal Experience. Activity 5.1 Curriculum Requirements as a Puzzle. Activity 5.2 Pieces of the Future. 6. Let's Talk About Challenges. Working for a Bureaucracy. Working with Colleagues. Working with the Public. Knowing Yourself. Personal Experience. Activity 6.1 Government or Private Sector Employment. Activity 6.2 Getting to "Know Yourself." 7. Politics, Politics, Politics! Elected Leaders. Office "Politics." Politics and Employment in the Private Sector. Personal Experience. Activity 7.1 Elected Officials and Employment. Activity 7.2 Hiring Trends. Activity 7.3 Employment in the Private Sector. 8. There's Always a Need for Networking. Networking for Career Opportunities. Networking on the Job. Networking with Professionals in Other Disciplines. Career Changes. Personal Experience. Activity 8.1 Network Chart. Activity 8.2 Contacts in Network. 9. Ethics. Ethics Defined in Context. Personal Ethical Standards. Scenarios-Dilemmas in Ethics. Ethics and the Public's Perception. Ethical Challenges to Be Faced. Personal Experience. Activity 9.1 Principles of Behavior. Activity 9.2 Code of Ethics and Principles. 10. After Graduation-What Then? Integration of Book Material. Alternative Career Choices. Expanding Career Potential. Staying Fresh. Second Careers. Conclusion. Activity 10.1 Putting It All Together Once More. Appendix A.
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