Beyond Surrender

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Juni 2003



What could be more different from Western culture and convenience than the harsh life of West Africa?

After surrendering to missions in Benin, Barbara Singerman and her family found that the only similarity between themselves and the Beninese was that they all walk upright on two feet and smile.

In the Singerman's new African home, communication was one step above the Dark Ages, most people had never seen ice, and hunters still used crossbows to bring home their evening meal.

Why serve in a place where major diseases stalked their lives, where accomplishing basic, daily tasks caused unthinkable fatigue?

The answer came in the desperate plea of villagers. "Please, come back and tell us more about Jesus." The salvation of these staunch, voodoo-worshiping Africans propelled these American missionaries beyond surrender to bring their adopted people from darkness to light of God's Word.
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