Committing to Peace: The Successful Settlement of Civil Wars

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"This is an important book in an area that is rapidly becoming central to both policy and theoretical concerns, the conditions under which negotiated settlements can be reached in civil wars. Walter's distinction of three phases of settlement (negotiation, agreement, implementation) is a significant theoretical step forward."--Roy Licklider, Rutgers University


List of Figures ix List of Tables xi Acknowledgments xiii PART ONE: THEORY 1 1. Introduction 3 2. Theory and Hypotheses 19 PART TWO: DATA AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 45 3. Measuring the Variables 47 4. Quantitative Tests 70 5. A Closer Look at the Findings 92 PART THREE: CASE STUDIES 109 6. Negotiating for Security Guarantees: The Civil War in Zimbabwe 113 7. The Breakdown of Rwanda's Peace Process 143 8. Explaining the Resolution of Civil Wars 160 Appendix 1 169 Appendix 2 171 Bibliography 177 Index 193


Barbara F. Walter is Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California, San Diego. She is the coeditor of Civil Wars, Insecurity, and Intervention.


This is an important book on the conditions under which negotiated settlements can be reached in civil wars and something of a model of how social science should be done. It has been in process for a long time ... and the author has used her time well. . . . This book was worth waiting for.
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