Biblical Foundations of Spirituality

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September 2003



Biblical Foundations of Spirituality offers seekers guidance on what to read, how to read, and why to read the Bible as a source of spiritual nourishment. Informed by the latest scholarship, this book makes the Bible more intelligible and 'user friendly' for contemporary audiences by stressing the spiritual dimension of the search for God evident in our biblical ancestors and showing how the Bible can be a friend and companion in our search for God today.


Chapter 1 What is Spirituality? Chapter 2 God Beyond All Names Chapter 3 The Riddle of the World Chapter 4 God of Blessing and Salvation Chapter 5 I Have Heard Their Cry Chapter 6 Royal Power and Covenant Dream Chapter 7 Prophetic Spirituality Chapter 8 Wisdom Has Built Herself a House Chapter 9 That Man Jesus Chapter 10 Pauline Spirituality Chapter 11 A New Heaven and a New Earth


Barbara E. Bowe, a Sister of the Sacred Heart, is currently professor of biblical studies at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago where she teaches courses in New Testament and early Christianity and is Director of the Biblical Spirituality Program. Sr. Bowe earned her B.A. from Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY, and both her Masters and Doctorate degrees New Testament and Christian Origins from Harvard University. She also holds a Masters degree in Religious Education from Boston College. A popular lecturer, Sr. Bowe belongs to several professional associations and is a member of the editorial boards of The Catholic Biblical Quarterly and The Bible Today. Her most recent contribution was to a book Prayer from Alexander to Constantine. A Critical Anthology (Routledge).


In The Biblical Foundations of Spirituality, Barbara Bowe reinterprets the historical-critical study of scripture as an act of love rather than a dry methodology and reminds us that reading and study can open us to the sharp, transforming edge of the word of God. Under her wise and passionate direction, we learn to read our way into greater attentiveness to God and our own humanity. -- Stephanie Paulsell, Harvard Divinity School A marvelous blend of sound biblical scholarship and theological sensitivity in the service of developing a mature spirituality for the 21st century. Barbara Bowe invites us all to read the Bible in new and fresh ways, and draws us into the dynamics of biblical spirituality by her well conceived questions for reflection. She provides 'solid food' for individuals and groups on the journey of faith. -- Daniel J. Harrington, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry Bowe promises us access to a hungry flame, to living water, to a wonderful banquet, to a valued touchstone-all available within the Scriptural tradition. And in this book, she presses into our hands a wonderful sheaf of tickets-memorable characters, visual images, clear advice, pregnant metaphors, relevant experience, wise commentary-that will help us visit these places not just once but many times over. We are in the company of an expert guide. -- Barbara Green, OP, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology With her remarkable study of biblical spirituality, Barbara Bowe has not only 'touched our fingers to the flame,' but has exposed us to the smoldering potential of the biblical tradition. Unlike books of this genre which concentrate on one biblical testament, her work encompasses salient themes from both of them. This is not merely a summary of the material, it is a serious yet eminently readable study of it. It captures the essence of the various authors' thinking, and uncovers its contemporary relevance. The reader will come away from the book with the desire once again to 'touch a finger to the flame.' -- Dianne Bergant, Catholic Theological Union Integrating sound biblical scholarship with a lively sense that the sacred text can transform, if we would but let it, Barbara Bowe invites us to 'eat the bread of the Word.' Written with both head and heart fully engaged, Biblical Foundations of Spirituality both honors the historical integrity of the Scripture and yet opens up the richness of its narrative so that we might live today into the astonishing reality promised there. -- Wendy Wright, Creighton University Bowe leads her readers through the Bible like a scribe of the kingdom, bringing from her storeroom insights both new and old-some of them deepen our view of familiar terrain, while others entice us to ask new questions, to imagine surprising perspectives for our spiritual lives. I found her attention to the believer's social location especially helpful. Her journey through the Bible witnesses to God's presence in the ordinariness, heights and depths of our daily lives and challenges. -- John C. Endres, S.J., Jesuit School of Theology [Bowe] has done quite a remarkable job of extracting major insights from the immensely variegated corpus of Hebrew and Christian scriptures and showing how they speak to our present condition. The Christian Century The quest for a truly authentic spiritual life is a consuming question for many thoughful people today. This superb book responds to that need. The Bible Today In a style eminently readable, [Bowe] surfaces the meaning of the biblical texts and reveals their breauty and their relevance to persons of all ages. Catholic Press Association Bowe's unique combination of sound biblical scholarship, creativity in identifying components of a sound contemporary spirituality, and clear writing style result in a work that many will find refreshing. Theological Studies
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