Narratives in Social Science Research

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Februar 2004



Narratives in Social Science Research introduces students to the use of narrative methodology as a research tool. It offers a useful and rigorous framework for the application of these devices within qualitative research.

This practically-orientated text provides:

· An historical overview of the development of the narrative approach within the social sciences
· A guide to how narrative methods can be applied in fieldwork
· An explanation of how to incorporate a narrative approach within a research project
· Guidelines for interpreting collected or produced narratives
· A student-focused approach - key arguments and methods are illustrated by case-studies and lists of further reading

Written in an accessible and engaging manner, this detailed text will be a useful resource for researchers and students taking courses in qualitative research across a variety of social disciplines.


The Narrative Turn in Social Studies
How Stories Are Made
Collecting Stories
Narratives in an Interview Situation
Reading Narratives
Structural Analyses
Close Readings
Poststructuralism, Interruption, Deconstruction
Reading Social Sciences
Writing Social Sciences
Narrativizing Social Sciences


Barbara Czarniawska is Professor of Management Studies at GRI, School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Doctor honoris causa at Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School and Helsinki School of Economics, she is a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Royal Engineering Academy, the Royal Society of Art and Sciences in Gothenburg and Societas Scientiarum Finnica. Czarniawska takes a feminist and constructionist perspective on organizing, recently exploring the connections between popular culture and practice of management, and the organization of the news production. She is interested in methodology, especially in techniques of fieldwork and in the application of narratology to organization studies.
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