Change Your Child's Behavior by Changing Yours: 13 New Tricks to Get Kids to Cooperate

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Februar 1996



Two simple but powerful ideas stand behind this book's advice for coping with children's behavior problems: you can change your child's behavior by changing the way you react to theirs; and you must accept that much of what unnerves parents is actually appropriate to the various stages of a child's development. Change Your Child's Behavior by Changing Yours tackles thirteen particularly difficult situations that prompt most tugs-of-wills, including conflicts involving bedtime, dressing, eating, going places, shopping, and sibling rivalry. Each chapter opens with a section called "Sound Familiar?" that describes a scenario parents will quickly recognize. Authors Chernofsky and Gage then identify the development stage that is prompting the distressing behavior, help parents to relate the child's behavior in a somewhat parallel situation, and offer strategies for coping with and changing the situation for the better.

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