Imperialism, Race and Resistance: Africa and Britain, 1919-1945

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August 1999



Imperialism, Race and Resistance marks an important new development in the study of British and imperial interwar history.Focusing on Britain, West Africa and South Africa, Imperialism, Race and Resistance charts the growth of anti-colonial resistance and opposition to racism in the prelude to the 'post-colonial' era. The complex nature of imperial power in explored, as well as its impact on the lives and struggles of black men and women in Africa and the African diaspora.Barbara Bush argues that tensions between white dreams of power and black dreams of freedom were seminal in transofrming Britain's relationship with Africa in an era bounded by global war and shaped by ideological conflict.


List of illustrations. Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. Introduction: why imperialism, race and resistance? 1. Africa after the First World War: race and imperialism redefined? West Africa. 2. Britain's imperial hinterland: colonialism in West Africa 3. Expatriate society: race, gender and the culture of imperialism 4. 'Whose dream was it anyway?' Anti-colonial protest in West Africa, 1929-45 South Africa. 5. Forging the racist state: imperialism, race and labour in Britain's 'white dominion' 6. 'Knocking on the white man's door': repression and resistance 7.'Fighting for the underdog': British liberals and the South African 'native question' Britain. 8. Into the heart of empire: black Britain 9. Into the heart of empire: the 'race problem' 10. The winds of change : towards a new imperialism in Africa? Retrospective: Africa and the African diaspora in a 'post-imperial' world Notes and references. Bibliography. Index.


"The real value of the volume lies in the details. Bush has read widely, as her topic demands-- particularly in secondary literature, but also in some revealing private paper collections.... the book is a legitimate guide to the many shades of ideology and practice that both underpinned and undermined colonialism and white supremacy in the period.."
-Kenneth P. Vickery, "Comparative/World
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