From Hurting to Happy: Transforming Your Life After Loss

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Juli 2002



Move Beyond the Grief and Pain of Loss to Rediscover Joy Barbara Bartocci has been widowed, divorced, fired from a job, lost both of her parents at a young age, and raised three children with special needs. With each loss--because she had to--she got beyond her grief and went on with living. In this comforting, encouraging, believable book she weaves her own story and those of many others to create a rich and inspiring tapestry of people who have grown through loss and found joy on the other side. The ten chapters gather together stories that describe different kinds of good-byes and how we can find our way through them. Each story is accompanied by "A helping hand, " section that offers practical and proven ways to acknowledge and grow through life's many good-byes.


"Barbara Bartocci's latest book is both nourishing and entertaining, full of compelling true stories interlaced with practical wisdom. Readers will take this lively and readable book not only to heart, but to their everyday lives as well. Another "keeper" from an author whose writings never fail to satisfy!"
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