Politics and Feminism

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This book addresses the question of gender and feminism in western political theory and practise. It provides students with both the theoretical and historical underpinnings of women's exclusion from politics, and the feminist response to this exclusion.


Acknowledgments. Politics and Feminism: An Introduction. 1. Demarcating the Boundaries. 2. Public vs Private: The Feminist Critique. 3. Culture vs Nature: The Feminist Critique. 4. Politics and Feminism: Deconstructing the Theoretical Frameworks. 5. First and Second Wave Feminism: Challenging the Dualities. 6. Third Wave Feminism(s): The View at, of and from the Border(s). Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.


Barbara Arneil is an Assistant Professor in the political science department at the University of British Columbia in the area of gender and political theory. Before coming to UBC, she was Senior Policy Advisor to the Canadian Foreign Minister. Prior publications include "John Locke and America: The Defense of English Colonialism, " published in 1996.


"Barbara Arneil's book, Politics and Feminism, either in whole or in part, will be enjoyed at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in courses on feminist theory, political theory, and women and politics." Resources for Feminist Research
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