The Garden Book

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September 2003



A handy illustrated A-Z reference for anyone with an interest in gardens. The easy-to-use format covers 500 execptional gardens from around the world, with a full glossary of terms and a garden directory. 445 colour, 55 b/w illustrations


The 500 designers; glossary of technical terms; directory of gardens.



'Small but perfectly informed ... True to horticultural ideals, the tiny size entails no loss of elegance or variety: it's a bonsai version of the original.' (Independent) 'You get more beauty here for GBP5.95 than most eyes are ever likely to see.' (Ink) 'Read it and relax.' (The Times) 'A good introduction to the pioneers who defined modern gardening.' (Garden Answers) 'This highly accessible overview of 500 garden designers covers gardens and landscapes as diverse as ancient Persia, classical Europe and the contemporary United States.' (The Indianapolis Star) 'A truly sumptuous encyclopeida ... its range is magnificent - from ancient China and India to Renaissance Italy to modern Los Angeles.' (Sunday Telegraph Magazine)
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Untertitel: 445 colour and 55 b&w photographs, glossary. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Phaidon Press Ltd
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2003
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