Springs and Autumns

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Juli 2000



Springs and Autumns is a compelling novel that chronicles, through the voices of several family members, the intriguing history of an extended Majorcan family. The novel is set in Orlandis (a fictional version of Porcel's hometown) on the island of Majorca. Even though the novel rises from this specific, exotic island setting, Springs and Autumns ultimately appeals to universal human emotions.John Getman has captured the rhythm and poetic nature of Porcel's prose in his translation of Springs and Autumns. Working from Porcel's original Catalan and Spanish versions of the text, Getman manages to remain faithful to the feel and tone of Porcel's narrative while at the same time creating an exceptionally lucid English version.Although the entire novel takes place as the family gathers at Taltavull Hall for a Christmas Eve dinner, the reader is conveyed to places as far away as South America and Asia, learning along the way about murder, love, rape, incest, travel, discovery, regret, and forgiveness. Porcel accomplishes this through a narrative strategy that pieces together a complex mosaic of the family's history, with each new narrative layer adding insight to the previous narratives, ultimately creating a complex and engaging novel.


Baltasar Porcel was born in Andratx, Majorca, and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. John Getman has an MFA from the University of Arkansas, and currently lives in Girona, Spain.
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