Under Western Eyes

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April 1999



Analysis of the consolidation of British imperialist discourse about India from the seventeenth century to the 1830s.


Introduction: Preliminary navigations
The Lusiads and the Asian reader
Banyan trees and fig leaves: some thoughts on Milton's India
Appropriating India: Dryden's Great Mogul
James Mill and the case of the Hottentot Venus
Hegel's India and the surprise of sin
Feminizing the feminine: early women writers on India
Monstrous mythologies: Southey and The curse of Kehama
Understanding Asia: Shelley's Prometheus unbound
Macaulay: the moment and the minute
Afterword: from center to circumference
Notes; Index


Balachandra Rajan is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Western Ontario. He has written numerous scholarly books, including "The Form of the Unfinished: English Poetics from Spenser to Pound" and two novels.


"Neither students of Milton nor readers invested in the future of postcolonial studies can afford to ignore the panoply of theoretical, historical, and critical examplars that crowd Rajan's wonderfully readable pages." Janel Mueller, University of Chicago "Under Western Eyes is a learned, sophisticated, often brilliant analysis of the consolidation of English imperialist discourse about India from the earliest stages of the East India Company through the 1830s." Patrick Brantlinger, Indiana University "Balachandra Rajan's compilation of essays and talks in his areas of specilisation, Milton and the British Romantics, demonstrates his depth of knowledge and erudition... Under Western Eyes is a celebration of a long career in academia and of a rare openness of mind. It is a useful explication of the "Orientalist" bias in the works of Cameons, Milton, Dryden, and Shelley. Rajan counters Said's term "contrapuntal", asserting that "a countervoice heard within the imperial music is in the end a contribution to that music."... Perhaps a voice like Rajan's will restore the credibility of those of us who work on reading the political in literature."--Feroza Jussawalla, University of Texas at El Paso, The Times Higher, November 19, 1999
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