Mummy Laid an Egg

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Juni 1995



The long-awaited paperback edition of Babette Cole's brilliant introduction to sex for the very young. In >Mummy Laid an Egg!< the children are the ones who put the embarrassed adult straight about a thing or two. "It is not just a totally original sex education book for the very young it's also a rivetting and very funny story." >The Bookseller<. This is Babette Cole's first Red Fox title. Readership level: 4 - 7 years.


Babette Cole is filled with zest for life: she lives in Dorset but travels extensively, to exotic parts of the world but also around Great Britain, visiting schools and meeting children. She is a great animal lover and keeps chickens, sheep, horses, dogs and cats which all find their way into her books.


"Excellent and fun" Dr Tanya Byron The Times 20060221
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