Women Creating Patrilyny: Gender and Environment in West Africa

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Audrey Smedley offers a unique interpretation of the role of women in traditional patrilineal societies. Her research with the Birom people of Nigeria reveals that many of the critical features of patrilyny were in fact invented by women. Her work contributes to the new global studies of women that document the realities of their lives that often contradict current Western assumptions. It is a valuable resource for researchers in anthropological kinship and theory, gender studies, and African studies.


Part 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Chapter 1: The Birom People and Their History Chapter 4 Chapter 2: Cultural Ecological Features of the Pre-Colonial Past Chapter 5 Chapter 3: Du Village: Organization of Space and People Chapter 6 Chapter 4: The Ecological Basis of the Kin Group Chapter 7 Chapter 5: The Life Cycle of the Kin Group Chapter 8 Chapter 6: Ritual and the Distribution of Public Power Chapter 9 Chapter 7: Village Wards and Other Forms of Social Control Chapter 10 Chapter 8: Gender, Marriage, and the Establishment of the Domestic Unit Chapter 11 Chapter 9: Internal Relationships with the Domestic Unit Chapter 12 Chapter 10: Social Networks: Webs of Kinship and Friendship Chapter 13 Chapter 11: Women and Patrilyny: Summary and Theoretical Implications Part 14 Appendices Part 15 A. Economic Realities at the End of the Colonial Era Part 16 B1. Genealogies: Lo Shom Dong (Lo Gong Jing, Lo Rwang Shom) Chapter 17 B2. Genealogies: Lo Gyang Pwara (Lo Kwon, Lo Bwei) Chapter 18 B3. Genealogies: Lo Chang Chapter 19 B4. Genealogies: Lo Gyang Bagei (Lo Dam) Chapter 20 B5. Genealogies: Lo Kwon, Lo Bwa, LoGo Zang Chapter 21 References Part 22 Index Part 23 About the Author


Audrey Smedley received her Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester, England. Her book, Race in North America: Origin and Evolution of a Worldview, won an Outstanding Book Award from the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights in 1994. Her research interests include the history and spread of the elements of race ideology, comparative slavery, human ecological adaptation, and the roles of women in patrilineal societies.
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