The Constitution of Iran

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Asghar Schirazi chronicles and analyzes political life in Iran since the revolution, showing the gradual transformation of the state from intended theocracy and republic to a hierocracy in which Islam and the shari'a play a subordinate role. He thus provides the context for the dramatic debate between reformists and traditionalists in Iran. Schirazi addresses the major contradictions inherent in the Iranian constitution -- between its legalistic and democratic components on the one hand, and between the alleged potential of a legally and ideologically interpreted Islam to resolve social problems as against the growing evidence that this Islam is an inadequate legal and political basis for government. He charts the gradual replacement of Islamic legalism with a political practice based centrally on the interests of the state, and points to a growing crisis of the shari'a that will open the way for possible developments of Islam in the future.


Part 1 Contradiction in the constitution of the Islamic Republic: the composition of the constitution; the genesis of the constitution; the clash over velayat-e faqih. Part 2 The suppression of the democratic elements: the power of the leader; the impotence of the people; the suppression of fundamental rights; the power of the clergy. Part 3 The fate of the constitution's Islamic legalist elements: the unavoidable acceptance of laws alien to the shari'a; circumventing the shari'a through the rule of emergency; circumventing the shari'a through secondary contractual conditions; state ordinances; the interests of the ruling system as a standard for legislation; a problematic criterion of legitimacy. Part 4 The crisis of the shari'a: an awareness of crisis; the search for solutions; criticism from outside. Conclusions: the constitution in historical perspective; the real distribution of power; the importance of the people; the separation of the state and religion.


Asghar Schirazi is research associate in the Department of Political Science, Middle East Studies Section at the Free University of Berlin.
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