The God of Small Things

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Arundhati Roy's phenomenal debut novel, now in paperback, which beat the favourites to the 1997 Booker Prize, and emerged as something of a surprise winner. A witty and magical piece of work, it describes the lives of two twins growing up in a factory in Kerala, southern India amidst an extended and chaotically dysfunctional family. "Like a devotionally built temple, "The God Of Small Things" builds a massive, interlocking structure of fine, intensely felt details." John Updike, "New Yorker". Roy has intimated that this may be her first and last novel.


Arundhati Roy wurde 1961 geboren und lebt in Neu-Delhi. Sie hat Architektur studiert, ist preisgekrönte Verfasserin mehrerer Drehbücher und schaffte ihren internationalen Durchbruch mit dem Roman "Der Gott der kleinen Dinge". Seither hat sie sich dem politischen und sozialen Engagement gewidmet, wofür ihr u.a. der "Große Preis der Welt-Akademie der Kulturen" als Anerkennung zugesprochen wurde.


'Richly deserving the rapturous praise it has received on both sides of the Atlantic..."The God of Small Things" achieves a genuine tragic resonance. It is, indeed, a masterpiece.' Observer 'Roy is truly gifted, not just in her ability to make words playful and meaning mischievous, but to use this to create a language texture that bowls you along, gathering momentum like the narrative itself...Witty and vivid, full of rich, memorable images...a verbal stream of steady beauty.' Ali Smith 'It is rare to find a book that so effectively cuts through the clothes of nationality, caste and religion to reveal the bare bones of humanity. A sensational novel.' Daily Telegraph 'A quite astonishing novel by any standards - broad in its historical sweep, emotionally profound and marvellously acute and delicate.' Economist 'Quite brilliant...One can only strongly recommend this extremely funny and enchanting and pretty much genius piece of debut fiction.' Spectator
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